Briggs & Stratton Fortress Whole House Generators
Natural Gas & Propane

We are authorized Briggs & Stratton Generator Dealers for sales, service, and installation offering cost effective natural gas & propane generators for emergency power solutions covering  Broward,  Palm Beach, Brevard,  Suntree, Viera & Rockledge.

Many of you have requested a 10 year warranty.

We now offer the premium 20kW Aluminum Fortress with a 10 year warranty!!!
(This is not a promo). This is a complete parts and labor 10 year warranty. The model number is 040592
Briggs & Stratton 20kW Fortress Aluminum standby generator

Our Briggs & Stratton Generator PRICES are so low – they can’t be advertised!
Call for the latest pricing at (888) 436-4887!!!

The new line of Fortress Generators from Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton Fortress Generators –  BRIGGS & STRATTON OFFERS YOU MORE

Our dealer exclusive line of generators offers a premium level of protection. Backed by a 6-year parts, labor and travel limited warranty; the longest warranty in the industry.

The Fortress™ air-cooled line comes standard with an oil warmer and our liquid cooled line comes equipped with a block heater to help your generator start when the temperature falls.

Why Buy from BSA Power Solutions:

  1. We are electrician contractors and have many years of experience with the installation, maintenance and repairs of emergency generators.
  2. We offer the highest quality Technical support for your electrical generator needs on your generator purchases. Most companies will tell you to call an 800 number that answers overseas.
  3. We do offer specials on some of our generator lines to fit your budget
  4. We can assemble custom configurations that may not be done by other companies.
    • Available power options from 8kW to 60kW*
    • Powered by Briggs & Stratton® Engines*
    • Able to run on natural gas or liquid propane vapor
    • Durable corrosion resistant gavenneal steel or aluminum* enclosures
    • NFPA certification allows installation as close as 18″ from your home*
  6. Call Toll Free 888-GENITUP (888-436-4887)

Six Reasons to Choose a Whole House Generator System


The Home Generator System Program is the culmination of nearly a century of consumer power expertise, offering the innovative features and price/value that people have grown to expect from all Briggs & Stratton Powered Products.

Peace of Mind
Whether you are home or away, power is automatically transferred to key circuits in your home during an outage, protecting your family while potentially saving you thousands of dollars in property damage.

A permanent connection to your power supply via a power transfer switch automatically provides uninterrupted power to your home when the power goes out. Environmentally friendly low-cost fuels like Natural Gas or Liquid Propane provide a safe, continuous fuel supply, eliminating the need for extension cords or messy gas cans.

Reliable Performance
At the heart of the generator is a high-performance, fully-featured Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin OHV engine. Designed for ultimate longevity and performance, the engine is powerful enough to work with homes that have low fuel pressure, eliminating the need for a costly additional pressure regulator.

Unobtrusive Design
A sleek housing and small footprint make for subtle yet functional operation. Sound absorbing panels and an automotive muffler also keep sound to neighbor-friendly levels.

Continuous Low-Cost Fuel Supply
A permanent hook-up to Natural Gas or Liquid Propane provides a safe, virtually continuous automatic fuel supply eliminating the inconvenient connection steps required with portable generators.

Unparalleled Support
Backed by one of the most established and comprehensive service networks in the industry, every Briggs & Stratton & GE Home Generator Systems comes with expert installation and worldwide support.


Learn why choosing Briggs & Stratton for your backup power needs can give you and your family peace of mind.

Learn why choosing Briggs & Stratton for your backup power needs can give you and your family peace of mind.The process of installing a whole house generator solution involves:

  • A good deal of planning & Project Management on our part
  • Permitting – obtaining authorization by filing all required paperwork with each city
  • Experienced product ordering
  • Using state licensed electricians
  • Careful setup, installation, and testing
  • Coordinating with city inspections
  • Propane or LP gas inspections
  • Coordination with utilities
  • Working with the homeowner

There are many steps involved to correctly install your home generator. BSA Power Solutions has the experience and knowledge to professionally install your standby generator by the state code.

Call us at 888-GENITUP (888-436-4887) for a quote for your standby generator power solution for your home or business. The amount of time to perform a new generator installation (on our part) is a day or two, but unfortunately, it can take several weeks to well over a month or two to install a complete generator system due to lengthly process of permitting from the cities. The closer it gets to hurricane season, the longer it will take to get an inspection, so order your emergency generator as soon as possible, so we can schedule your installation and provide you peace of mind before the next storm season.

Briggs & Stratton Stanby Generators




We offer Special Financing for South Florida Installations Only

BSA Power Solutions provides the sales, installation, maintenance and service for our emergency standby generators for your home or business. We are owned and operated by a state licensed electrical contractor, so we do not sub-contract our generator installations or service. This makes us a one-stop shop for your home generator purchase. We are based in Broward County Florida, providing standby generator solutions all the communities of Brevard, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Being one of the top South Florida authorized Briggs and Stratton generator-retailers, we are offered great pricing , so we can pass the savings on to you. We specialize in the Briggs & Stratton – 20kW, 18kW,, 15kW & 12kW – Natural Gas & Propane Whole House Generator Systems for your home and business.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms do result in power outages that can make our lives miserable!

The Hurricane season of 2005 taught us all how long the power could be effected by a major storm or a series of major storms. It’s funny how we take for granted the electric power we use in our homes. It’s not till it’s off, do we realize how crucial it is to our survival.

If your power is off for longer than a day:

  • How do you keep the food in the refrigerator cold?
  • How do you prepare a meal when the oven or range does not work?
  • The air temperature during the summer is hot!
  • Taking a cold shower is tough to do
  • No TV, DVD movies or video games
  • New phones require power
  • No computer use or internet access
  • How many other products use electricity that you depend on every day?

Our standby propane generator solutions can eliminate those problems and help increase the value of your home. It now seems that every home needs it’s own power solution to help during those difficult times

 To order your Standby Generator System   –   Call Toll Free 888-GENITUP (888-436-4887)