Designed specifically for your generator’s engine needs, engine block heaters help keep engines warm making it easier for them to start in cold weather. Our 35KW1, 45kW1 and 60kW1 standby generators are tested to start at -20ºF using this kit. Each kit includes an engine block heater and bracket.

Briggs & Stratton maintenance kits help you complete scheduled maintenance and prevent costly repairs on your standby generator. Maintenance kits are designed specifically for your generator’s needs. Each maintenance kit contains oil and air filters, synthetic oil, and spark plugs for your model.

Automatic Transfer Switchs
The transfer switch is the brain behind the standby generator. Installed next to your circuit breaker, its job is to sense when the power goes out and automatically switch the generator on and manage the homes backup power.

Briggs & Stratton has been providing reliable engine power for more than 100 years. Trust the proven power experts at Briggs & Stratton for complete peace of mind.
Download Auto Transfer Switch Brochure (PDF)

Symphony® II Power Management System
Whole-house power is now a whole lot more affordable with Briggs & Stratton’s new Symphony® II Power Management system. As the most customizable Power Management system anywhere,  this patented technology is the easiest way to give your family unprecedented peace of mind and protection during a power outage.
Download Symphony® II Power Management System (PDF)

Infohub™ Wireless Monitoring
Infohub™ wireless monitoring tells you what you want to know about your generator – when you want to know it. Using your computer, tablet or smart phone, standby generator owners can instantly check their generator’s system status from home or away.