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Briggs and Stratton Natural Gas Emergency Generator Systems are automatic and there is very little that you need to do to operate them. Once the system is professionally installed and tested, it will turn itself on and off automatically as needed, without you ever having to leave the safety of your home.

Our automatic Natural Gas Generators are designed to exercise themselves once a week. During this twelve minute runtime, the engine is lubricated and the battery is charged up, and a diagnostics check is run. If there are any problems with this process, a LED display located inside the front access panel will alert you. You can even set the time when the unit will perform this diagnostics check.

The only things you need to do is change the oil, perform normal maintenance for an internal combustion engine and call for service if the LED display alerts you to a problem.

When an oil change is needed, Synthetic oil is required. An oil change is recommended every 50 hours and the oil filter every 100 hours. There is an hour meter located inside the front access door that will help you gauge when maintenance is needed. The 10kW system is also equipped with remote status alerting you to any maintenance needs.

Since BSA Power Solutions installed your natural gas generator, we feel we are the best equipped to field your questions and to perform any needed maintenance.

BSA Power Solutions will also offer you special maintenance agreement once natural gas generator system is installed, making any potential mechanical problems less worrisome. We offer you a complete natural gas generator system with full maintenance and support.

BSA Power Solitions Truck - Home Generator System

Watch for our BSA Power Solution Trucks (with our colorful designs) in your neighborhood

We offer a comprehensive maintenance plan to keep your backup power generator investment running smoothly.  Call us for further information.


BSA’s Maintenance plan provides the following natural gas generator services:

  • Oil
  • Oil Filters
  • Air Filters
  • Spark plugs

BSA Power Solutions also performs a runtime & crank test that includes:

  • Engine Speed
  • Over/Under Voltages
  • Output Frequency
  • Battery Strength
  • Gas Pressure


Generator Inspection Services

Having your Generator working properly is knowing you are doing everything for your family to ensure their comfort and safety.

Whether a hurricane may be on the horizon or a thunderstorm blackout – your generator must be ready.

A maintenance check by our trained staff on a regular basis will ensure you generator investment is working properly.

Routine preventative maintenance is essential for any engine. BSA Power Solutions is one of Southern Florida’s leading generator maintenance and installation companies.

Our Generator Inspection can make the difference and get you ready for the next hurricane or tropical storm.. The BSA generator inspection can identify performance issues, worn parts, and increase the overall life of your equipment.

During the inspection here’s what you will get:

  1. Visual inspection – We examine the engine, radiator and generator for anything out of place, loose or broken including fittings, hoses or wires.
  2. Check oil levels
  3. Check coolant levels
  4. Check the air cleaners
  5. Check the battery charger for proper operation
  6. Check the fuel system for leaks
  7. Check the fuel tank level
  8. Check fuel filter indicators (if equipped)
  9. Drain water separator
  10. Check loose connections to the batteries
  11. Check block heater for proper operation
  12. Check and maintain oil level in governor
  13. Check the condition of all gauges
  14. Check air system air pressure (if equipped)
  15. Check overall condition of generator including checking signs of moisture, dust, oils, greases and debris
  16. Visual inspection of all electrical systems
  17. Run a test load simulation
  18. Make recommendation for repair or maintenance
  19. Talk with you about any of your concerns and unusual noise.

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